Regulations of Festival of Russian Music in Vancouver (continue)

Repertoire Rules

Repertoire of Vancouver Festival of Russian Music


Private lessons and Masterclasses with the adjudicators during the Festival will be available upon request.

Please note, new Voice and Strings competitive Groups are open now

Festival requirement is that it has to be music by a Russian composer (Former USSR composers are also included).

Competitors are responsible for providing adjudicators with original copies of the music.

 Only original scores are acceptable. Use of photocopied music is strictly prohibited.

Contestants without original scores of their music will not be accepted.

Contestants must choose their own appropriate level of difficulty.

Contestants must memorize their chosen selections.

Competitive Group Structure

Festival of Russian Music

Competitive Categories Include:


All competitors will receive written adjudication as well as a certificate based on their mark. Winners of the first place will be awarded with a monetary prize and opportunity to perform at the Gala Concert.

Additional special prizes of $ 50$100, $200, $300   will be awarded to selected competitors based on the decision of the Festival Board.

Category and Groups:


PIANO  or  Strings - Solo, classes by age, one piece only. Music by Russian composer only.

Class 101   7 years & under     $40     Time Limit   4:00

Class 102   8 years & under     $40    Time Limit   5:00

Class 103   9 years & under     $45     Time Limit   6:00

Class 104  10 years & under    $45    Time Limit   6:00

Class 105  11 years & under    $50     Time Limit   7:00

Class 106  12 years & under    $50     Time Limit   8:00

Class 107  13 years & under    $55    Time Limit   10:00

Class 108  14 years & under    $55     Time Limit   10:00

Class 109  15 years & under    $60     Time Limit   15:00

Class 110  16 years & under    $60    Time Limit   15:00

Class 111          Open                $65     Time Limit   18:00

PIANO or Strings  - Concert Group,  two or more pieces (must be different than piano solo group piece) or set of Variations  or

                                                                               sonata, two or more movements or complete. All music by Russian composers only.

Class 201   7 years & under     $50     Time Limit   12:00

Class 202  8 years & under     $55     Time Limit   15:00

Class 203  10 years & under    $60     Time Limit   18:00

Class 204  12 years & under    $65     Time Limit   20:00

Class 205  14 years & under    $65     Time Limit   20:00

Class 206          Open               $70     Time Limit   20:00

PIANO or  Strings  Concerto Group,  First or Second and Third movements of the Concerto. (no time limit) Russian composers only.

Piano-duo repertoire group is now open with same  conditions as Concerto.

Class 301   8 years & under      $50

Class 302  10 years & under     $55

Class 303  12 years & under     $60

Class 304  14 years and under  $65

Class 305   16 years and under  $65

Class 306  Open                         $70

Voice competitive groups - Russian folk song, or Aria from Opera, or Romance for voice and piano.

Music by Russian composers only.

Class 401  12 and under                $ 45   time limit  10 min.

Class 402  16 and under                $ 55   time limit  12 min.

Class 403   Open                           $ 65    time limit  15 min.

*All ages are effective January 1

*All fees are non refundable. 

Please print out the registration form HERE

The Gala Concert

The Gala Concert

  1. The Vancouver Russian Music Festival reserves the right to select performers and repertoire for the Gala Concert. These selections will be based on adjudicator's recommendation.

  2. Performers selected to play at the Gala Concert will be notified by phone or Email.

  3. If selected as a winner of an award, the competitor must be available to perform at the Gala Concert to receive the award. Participant is responsible for notifying the Festival if unable to perform at the Gala concert


Become a scholarship contributor!


Vancouver Russian Music Festival greatly appreciates donations. All contributors will be acknowledged on our website.

For donations a tax receipt will be provided. Donations are payable to Russian Music Festival - Vancouver.

Address:   10380 Reynolds Dr.
                 Richmond, BC
                 V7E 4B4, Canada

Please note the following:

Vancouver Russian Music Festival reserves the right to substitute adjudicators.

Upon entering the Vancouver Russian Music Festival participants agree to the following liability waiver.

Vancouver Russian Music Festival is not responsible for any claims, demands or damages concerning injury to any competitor or guest that may occur during the festival.